Hosted Sparkle updates

Managed update feeds for Sparkle and WinSparkle. Made for busy developers with by the creator of WinSparkle.



We've been appcasting updates (and developing WinSparkle) for a while and know a thing or two about the subject. So we crafted to be as updating should be.

Secure by design

Updates are signed securely on your computer. We not only don't store your keys, we don't even get to see them.

No vendor lock-in

We encourage setup that makes it easy to move your feeds elsewhere if you stop liking the service.

Beautiful release notes

Present your changelogs nicely styled, with dark mode support and more.

User privacy

We don't collect any data on your users. Statistics use smart algorithms to avoid the need.

Laser-sharp focus

We do "only" updates, but that gives us focus to sweat the tiniest details.

Dedicated support

Of course. Why would you settle for anything less.


Predictable Pricing

All features included. No surprises.
Simple monthly payment per each managed application.

Developer Plan

monthly per app

All features included.

Launching publicly in December 2019.

Contact Us

Drop as an email at [email protected] or use the form below.

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